Our commitment
to sustainability


Here at Hawkins & Brimble, we are proud to support British manufacturers and aim to reduce our carbon emissions, so the majority of our suppliers are based in the UK. These include our filling factories, bottle and tube manufacturers and even cardboard box producer.

We are as concerned about the future of our planet as you. Just because we are a new brand doesn’t mean we can’t do our bit. That’s why we are focused on reducing our impact on the environment in the following ways:

  • We are moving all of our cardboard packaging to 100%-made-from-recycled-board.
  • This year we will start using PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastic in our packaging, which has benefits to virgin material. These plastics have been reprocessed to be re-used in new manufacturing. PCR conserves energy and non-renewable resources, as recycling replaces the need for primary extraction and the manufacture of new plastics.
  • We are moving a number of our plastic tubes to 100% aluminium, which is easily recyclable.
  • We don’t use any plastic in our transit packaging and are keeping it that way.
  • We are using glass in many of our new products like our moisturisers and beard oil, which is easily recyclable.


We have recently gone into partnership with The Marine Conservation Society. The partnership represents the company’s commitment to significantly reducing the plastics used in its range. The new range of products will see the company’s shampoo and conditioner move from plastic into aluminium refillable 250ml cans. In addition, new products will include several new lines such as Lip Balm, Hair Spray and an Eau de Parfum will be in either 100% glass or aluminium bottles.

Richard Roberts - Corporate Partnerships Manager, Marine Conservation Society comments: “We were delighted when Hawkins & Brimble approached us with an aim of working together, and to support the funding of our work. Hawkins & Brimble are making impressive progress to totally eliminate single use plastic from their business. Single use plastic is hugely damaging for our beautiful marine environment and we applaud Hawkins & Brimble for their commitment to minimizing their impact. We are excited to work together to spread the word about how amazing our marine environment is, and how important it is to look after it. A huge thank you to Hawkins & Brimble for their support”.

If you have any other suggestions about how you think we can help the environment further please let us know here.

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